Monster High Wishlist!

Okay, so I just started collecting Monster High like a mad woman. I can't stop. It's not possible. They're. So. Freaking. Cool.
And guess what?
I've been deboxing them. DUN DUN DUNNN! It's actually really relieving to be able to take just ONE kind of toy I own out of the boxes. They're so fun to pose, and they come with display stands, so it's really easy to do.

I just find their designs so lovable and creative! I have spent like, the past three paychecks worth of spending money on them with no hesitation. I'm a terrible person xD

So yeah. Here are the ghouls and guys I still need!:

Top Priority:

Ghoulia Yelps (first wave) (GOT IT)
Dawn of the Dance Draculaura (VERY high on the wishlist!) (GOT IT THANK YOU ALISSA)
Fearleading Draculaura (BOUGHT)

Anddd I think that's it for now! Not too long, and I've almost snagged up all of them, but I'm still working on it!

Bling Bling Sparkle Sparkle

So now that I've finally completed my Sailor Moon baby doll collection, I'm starting to feel myself veer away from dolls. I really REALLY REALLY like RPG toys, and not just from Sailor Moon, from all magical girl series. I think that's where my collecting focus is going to shift (starting with an item from the lovely Chelsea :D). Don't get me wrong, there are still a few dolls here and there I would like to have (Chibimoon dolls I don't have, the NQS doll, the Wedding Moon doll, etc.), but I think I'll find myself buying them...less.

I'm going to re-vamp my wishlist (again) with things I want, and there will be a lot of new additions! I'm also thinking of getting rid of my Sailor Starlights dolls, but I'm not 100% yet. I really love their characters but they just take up so much room @_@. It's a feeler right now but we'll see.

Here's my magical girl RPG toy collection thus far: (a lot of items have boxes I just took them out for this photo):


Sighhhh. They're just so...shiny ♥

So Today Was Interesting...

I had my senior pictures today. I went with a freelance photographer because I liked her work and her prices were good. My mom and I went to her house to take my year book picture, and then we (including Retha, the photographer, and her husband) all went to Detroit. I got my pictures done at three separate places; The Heidelberg Project, Hart Plaza, and then a little area with a small carousel.

Both of the first places went fine. I wore a skirt at the Hart Plaza, and I had some guys try and flirt with me, and some girls say they liked my outfit and that it was cute. It wasn’t a big deal I guess. But when we got to the carousel area, shit hit the fan.

I was leaning against one of the poles on the carousel. My skirt for this outfit was school appropriate, so it’s not like I looked like a hooker or anything. Retha was standing on a ledge, slightly bent over, so she could get my picture. This guy comes up behind her and takes out his phone, and takes a picture. I thought maybe he was like a photographer for the newspaper or something, and he wanted to show people doing artistic things or something, so I let it slide. He walked off, but my mother and Retha’s husband saw him do it too.

A few minutes later, Retha and I go on this little path thing (we’re still very visible and close to my mother and Retha’s husband), to take another photo. There’s a sign that says, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”. This means do not take anything out of the area except your photographs, and don’t leave anything like trash there or something. The same guy comes up behind Retha and tells her to follow the rules. She goes and reads the sign and says she is following the rules. Then she resumes taking my picture. The guy pulls out his phone AGAIN and starts recording us! He starts making comments like, “beautiful day for taking pictures, isn’t it?”. No doubt he thought we were defenseless women alone or something. Retha and I looked at each other and decided it was time to head over to the others.

And the freak fucking follows us. He seriously stood RIGHT NEXT to Retha as we walked back. When he saw us head for another man, he turned around and retreated to the bathroom. Let’s just say Retha’s husband wasn’t going to let him get away with that. He waited for him to come out and went up to him. He goes, “So. What were you taking pictures of?” And the guy just stares blankly back at him and says, “the scenery. Great day for walking and taking pictures, isn’t it?”

Retha’s husband says, “Do you like to take pictures of girls? Is that it? Is that what you consider scenery?”

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention this is where he decides to say, “I asked if I could take your pictures”. Bull. Fucking. Shit. I’m like, “No. You did not. I swear on my father’s grave”

And the fucker runs. Retha’s husband chases after him and eventually he stops. They start walking next to each other and talking. I saw Retha’s husband pull out his badge (he’s a prosecuting attourney), and then the guy goes to hit him. Not even fucking kidding. Retha ran over to them swearing and trying to get the guy to stop it. Eventually he calms down and they had a nice little chat.

However, my picture and Retha’s were still on his phone. I get really sick thinking about what voyeurism community they’re going to end up in :/ It really makes me feel uncomfortable and gross, even though it’s not my fault. I’m sure the prick didn’t just take them for himself, you know?

Moral of the story, if you see a creep taking your picture, rip the device out of his hand and smash it. He deserves it!